Salome Joseph - Founder & Executive Producer
You can attribute it to her name – Salome (Peace), or her past life karmas; she is one person you would want to be associated with, for life.
Crunching numbers is a sport she likes to play. A chartered accountant by profession, Salome Joseph is one of the few sharp minds you will find in the business. With a maniacal penchant for perfection, this control freak can drive you up the wall. ‘Keep Your Cool’ is a non-exsistent line; flaring up in a jiffy but equally adept at cooling down in seconds are her most valuable assets. How so, you may ask? Well, you have to see it for yourself. With over 18 years in advertising, she has gained the trust and love of every individual she ever worked with. She is a believer of the ‘Giving’ phenomenon. She successfully runs a brain development program for kids and has a throbbing e-commerce business too. She along with her mallu buddy Shiibu Tholat, plans to take Anaiah Films to soaring heights.

Shiibu Tholat - Founder & Creative Producer
Fill it. Shut it. Forget it. This tagline of a hero honda commercial from the 80’s is what inspired this avid auto enthusiast to live his life in the fast lane! Little did he know that this tagline would be his calling! From freeing up a jammed butterfly valve on the indies to bleeding the brakes on imports; from owning a modified FIAT to off-roading in the monstrous SAFARI and to restoring a ’86 classic, he has done it all! His whole life revolved around being under the hood, and like most of us advertising just happened! In a career span of 18 years he has donned many different hats – an assistant director, associate director, agency producer, creative producer and executive producer - and he has mastered his skills in each of the roles he essayed. After experiencing the best of both worlds, he eventually partnered with his gossip companion and dear friend Salome Joseph to start Anaiah Films.

[uh-nah-yuh]: answer of God; god answers

WE are GOD’s answer to the incessant prayer for a transparent and cost effective solution provider! WE are a private limited company that came into excistence because of the dedication and perseverance of two like minded and extremely likeable individuals. WE solely focus on making your journey with us, from the start to the finish, a seamless and uncomplicated process. Apart from being subservient to the film making process, we also aim to introduce & promote newer talents. Our aim is to put together a team that denotes a constantly evolving, surefire attitude to film making. WE are determined, WE are always pinching things and WE adapt with ease.  WE attribute our inspiration to the most unlikely places and our team takes pride in not being just another shell in the herd of little guys heading out to sea. WE 'Believe' in delivering distinctive, never done before handiwork. 

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